How To Apply Self Adhesive Eyelashes?


Adhesive eyelashes are very popular as they are used by many people to enhance their look. In the market, you will find a wide variety of tabs to choose the one that best suits your needs. The cost of false eyelashes will vary according to their brand and the material from which they are made.

False eyelashes include those made from animal skin, human hair, silk, and synthetic ones. Among the different materials, the cheapest false eyelashes are synthetic ones, but if you put them on perfectly, they will look perfect on your eyelids.

Putting on false eyelashes takes a bit of practice, and it will also be important that you have all the tools you need to apply them. You will need:

  • The false eyelashes of your choice
  • Eyelash adhesive
  • Applicator for eyelashes
  • Black adhesive eyeliner

How To Apply False Eyelashes?

After you have all the tools to put on your false eyelashes, consider the steps to follow:

  • Adjust the false eyelashes to the size of your eyelids

For false eyelashes to look as natural as possible, you must adjust them to a suitable size. Measure the lash strip on your eyelid and cut off the excess with scissors. The excess that you cut can be saved to add to the upper end of the lash strip for more volume.

  • Shape your false eyelashes

Before applying the adhesive eyeliner to your false eyelashes, you must shape it by bending them in a C shape to keep them pressed for a few seconds. The false eyelash must have the shape of the contour of the eye to adhere properly. This way, the edges of the false eyelash will not lift and will last longer in place.

  • Have tools for applying false eyelashes on hand

To place the false eyelashes, you must have an eyelash applicator, although some people prefer to do it with their fingers, choose the most comfortable technique for you. Take the lashes very carefully either with the applicator or with your fingers, to avoid crushing them.

  • Attach the false eyelash adhesive

While holding the false eyelashes with tweezers, you can place the adhesive on the lash strip with a toothpick. With a little adhesive that you apply, it will be enough for them to adhere. Once you apply the lash adhesive to the strip, allow it to dry slightly before applying.

  • Attach your false eyelashes

This can be the most difficult part of the steps to take, especially if you are a beginner with false eyelashes. Take a mirror so you can see exactly where you will be placing your lashes with the applicator or with your fingers. The lash strip should go just above the natural lashes.



  • Must fit your false eyelashes

Once your false eyelashes are attached to your eyelid, gently press the false eyelashes together with the natural ones with your fingertips.

  • From, the final touch

So that the strip of false eyelashes is not noticeable, only black eyeliner will pass, from the beginning of the eye to its other end.

Before sleeping, remove your false eyelashes with a self-adhesive eyeliner remover, and store them in a case to keep them intact. Now that you know how to place them, you can have a fascinating look whenever you want.